Independent Drop Shipper Agreement

Our new independent drop shipper program provides entrepreneurs the opportunity to skip through all the frustration of starting a business online by providing them with a fully customized shop-ready website with their own branding that they can start earning from immediately.


As your supplier we provide you with our starter package which includes:

  • A developed shop ready website
  • Trending and high quality products (listed on the website)
  • Access to our international payment gateway for one year to securely process credit card and debit card orders (renewed annually)
  • Online step by step education to help you navigate your brand and add further branding customization
  • Customer support that offers professional, helpful services.




Complete your payment of $299.97 USD at here.

Read this entire agreement and accept the terms by completing the attached form. 

We will email you your access details to your website back office.

we will also email you a video tutorial that will walk provide you a walk-through of your back office and tutorials to further edit your website to add your own branding, logo, domain etc.



Independent contractors access to the website will be limited to the following:

Website home & back-office - you will have full access to the website home page to customize it to reflect your own brand preference. This means you will be able to make changes to the design, add your own logo, domain and banners. 

View & edit orders - independent drop shippers will be able to view all orders and make edits if necessary. 

Customer details - you will have access to your customers details such as email, phone numbers and other information they provide. 

Dashboards - you will have access to your website dashboard to track daily activities on your platform.

Marketing - you will have access to add your own marketing platforms to your website such as Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, etc

Discounts - you control the discounts you offer to your customers.

Online store themes - You may modify the Theme to suit your Store.

Navigation- Although we provide you with a navigation, you will be able to organize your stores navigation as you see fit.

Billing-You will be responsible to add your own payment method to your website for Shopify billing subscription and application charges.




All website will be connected to our payment gateway to allow flexible payment options for customers worldwide. Payout will be sent to drop shippers weekly on Tuesdays and Thursdays once orders have been successful paid and mailed to customers.




All products must be uploaded from Drop Ship This master store. New inventory will be synced to stores automatically and set to draft for you to edit and publish to your store.

 Our inventory will automatically be updated across all stores to reflect inventory levels.

Independent drop shippers are not allowed to sell any products not drop shipped from our fulfillment center. If you wish to sell additional products not fulfilled by DST, your website will be transferred to you as full ownership and you will be responsible to connect your own payment gateway.

A transfer fee will be charged.

We currently offer the following niches:

  • Women Clothing
  • Women Accessories/Jewelry
  • Bags
  • Women Footwear
  • Men Clothing
  • Children Clothing

We will be adding more in the near future. 

You may choose one niche at the cost of $399.97 and up (depends on niche) and add additional niches for $99 and up (depending on niche) at signup or later.


Fulfilling Orders

All orders must be fulfilled by DST fulfillment. We will provide tracking information in your store so that you and your customers will be able to track orders. Orders will be fulfilled with your website branding. DST will not be disclosing our information to your customers.



Store locations will reflect DST fulfillment locations where our products will be shipped from. Drop Shippers are not allowed to add or edit locations.


Registration to become a independent drop shipper will cost $299.97 which includes:

  • Ready to sell website with products and payment gateway already added. 
  • A video walk-through which shows you how to edit your own website and theme if needed. 



Shopify Recurring Charges

Contractors will be responsible to make their own monthly Shopify payments. This includes the monthly subscription, applications, shipping charges and any other fees incurred by Shopify.


Credit Card Requirements for Shopify monthly recurring payment

Must be a post paid credit card (pre-paid cards are not supported, but may work)

If it is a co-branded credit/debit card, it must be co-branded with a credit card type that we accept (Visa, Mastercard, Amex)

Must be a Visa, Mastercard or Amex

Must be capable of accepting charges in USD

Must be capable of making online purchases

Must be capable of accepting recurring billing

Must have appropriate funds available

Must enter billing address and details the same as what their bank has on file

Must not have a restriction on how much the bank will allow to be processed at once


Payment default

Shopify closes any store which defaults in monthly payments. If your website defaults on it's monthly subscription we do have to right to close the website  unless other arrangements have been made. You will be  responsible to cover any owed charges to Shopify.


DST Recurring charges

We require an annual subscription of $199.97 to continue to use our service and be a part of our program. Subject to change. (subjected to change)



You may ask permission to have your website transferred to you as the owner at anytime for a transfer fee of $259.97 (subjected to change).

However, you will be responsible for your own payment methods and order fulfillment process will be changed. We  will no longer be affiliated with your business once the website has been transferred.



Our Independent drop shippers are responsible for their own refund policies for their store. However, our refund policy to the drop shipper is separate and must be taken into consideration when creating your own refund policy.

Please read it carefully to make sure that you completely understand the terms of the policy.



Payout for each successful purchase will include all charges except cost of goods (wholesale price) and shipment cost if labels not purchased via Shopify.

 We make payouts in the following methods







Payout schedule

Payouts are made weekly on Tuesday and Thursday depending on Shopify payment scheduled payout.

Payout receive date will depend on the payment service provider. 

International payouts will reflect the current currency rate on payout dates.

The receiver is responsible for any transaction fees charged by the payout service used.

Transaction fees will be subtracted from payment when sent.



At the end of the tax year you will receive a 1099 that will detail the total payments that was turned over to you by DST. As an independent contractor you are responsible to learn your obligations to your own tax laws of your country.

Please be aware of your business tax laws in your country so that you can properly abide by the law.

All stores will be created as based in the USA therefore we will set all stores to collect taxes in the USA by default.  All sales taxes will be collected by DST.


A breach or violation of any term in this agreement as determined in the sole discretion of DST & Shopify may result in an immediate termination of your Services. 

This agreement is subject to change at anytime by DST. 

If you agree to the terms and have signed up for the program please complete the form below and indicate that you agree to the terms of this agreement. If you have any questions please let us know.